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Aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years, all around the world. It is the practice of using essential oils for  holistic healing to improve the body, mind and spirit. Several essential oils have been reported to heal skin irritations and infections, mental disorders, insomnia, and even cancer! 

Soy Botanical Candles

Made with a Hemp Wick, Essential Oils and real ingredients such as dried flowers, herbs and spices, these soy candles will enrich your space with the sweet and musky scents of Autumn! 

10 oz and 16 oz

Soy Candle Melt Bars

Fill your space with the rich aroma

of our soy candle melts! Each one is enriched with dried flowers, herbs and essential oils.


These melts will provide relaxation and different aroma therapeutic benefits. 

Botanical Tealight Candles

Crafted with our Signature Scents, these tealights are made with 100% Soy Wax, Hemp Wicks, Essential Oils and Dried Flowers and Herbs! 


9 tealights per set.

Wholesale discounts available.

A set of 9 botanical tea light candles. Choose your  favorite scent or mix and match for a sampler! Also available for wholesale 

Aroma Mist Sprays

These blends are perfectly scented  with essential oils to help alleviate stress, repel insects, freshen up, and induce sleep!


Try one for you home, vehicle, or use on your body as a natural perfume.  

4 oz.